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Ear Cleaning Services in Liverpool

Experiencing hearing loss, buzzing, ringing in your ears or earache caused by excess ear wax? Consult with Charlotte and Horace Hearing for professional, safe and effective ear cleaning.

At Horace Hearing, we provide consultations at home as well as at our audiology clinic in Liverpool.

Rather than risk permanent damage by at-home DIY ear cleaning kits, invest in your long-term aural health. You can book an appointment with Horace Hearing where our qualified audiologist uses professional medical tools to clean your ears without damaging the sensitive cells and nerves in your ear. Restore your hearing, heal earache, reduce and even eliminate tinnitus by making an appointment with our professional audiologist.

Why consider professional ear cleaning at Horace Hearing in Liverpool?

We can treat the following symptoms:

Ringing ears

Unpleasant smelling ears

Swimmer's ear

Excess earwax

Muffled sounds





Book ear wax removal with us online using our booking system. Alternatively, send an email to or call 07950280473


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