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Professional Ear Wax Removal in Liverpool

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Excess ear wax can contribute to earache and hearing loss. At Horace Hearing we use professional tools and the utmost care to restore your hearing.

The options to professionally remove earwax include:


Our preferred method of ear wax removal at our clinic in Liverpool or domiciliary in Manchester is microsuction as this minimises the risk to the ear drum and prevents further complications. Using a suction machine, our professional trained audiologist will remove the earwax through this minimally invasive procedure.

Microsuction is generally a comfortable method, although some slight discomfort can occur. It is important to lubricate the ears twice a day for at least 3 days before your appointment with olive oil or Earol in order to minimise discomfort in the procedure.

Contact us today to get a consultation for ear wax removal in Liverpool!


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