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Professional Microsuction - Audiology in Liverpool at Horace Hearing

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Struggling with hearing loss caused by excess earwax? Consider microsuction at our Liverpool clinic by our audiology expert at Horace Hearing.

Is microsuction effective?

Yes! Microsuction is a relatively effective technique for removing earwax.

A 2014 study published by Cambridge University Press found that microsuction was 91 percent effective at removing earwax.

Microsuction also offers several benefits over irrigation such as:

  • The procedure is quicker.

  • Your audilogist can clearly see inside your ear throughout the procedure.

  • Microsuction doesn’t expose your ear canal to moisture.

Unlike irrigation, microsuction can often be performed on people who have:

  • a ruptured eardrum

  • a history of ear surgery

  • foreign matter in their ear

  • mild otitis externa (outer ear infection)

Is microsuction safe?

Yes, if it's done by an appropriately trained audiology professional. Our professional audiologist will ensure that your ears are ok to have the earwax removed (i.e., ensuring you don't have an ear infection etc.) and will talk you through the process before proceeding.

Is microsuction painful?

The process is gentle but, to be more comfortable, we recommend you soften the earwax first so that it's easier to remove.

Can your ear still feel blocked after microsuction?

You may experience a blocked feeling for a few days after microsuction because the air pressure inside your ear is imbalanced. This is like the effect you may experience when you fly on an airplane or get a head cold. If the blockage continues for more than a few days please get in touch.

Book ear wax removal with us online using our booking system. Alternatively, send an email to or call 07950280473

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