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Professional Microsuction in Manchester & Liverpool

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

ear irrigation manchester
Clear hearing is key for clear communication

Looking for microsuction in Manchester or Liverpool?

Whether you are experiencing loss of hearing, earaches, ringing in the ears or other symptoms of excessive ear wax, professional ear irrigation may be the solution for you.

Why is microsuction a superior solution for earwax build-up?

The ear canal and eardrum are especially sensitive parts of the ear. Earwax is a natural substance that protects and lubricates the ear, it keeps foreign materials out and inhibits bacterial growth. However, the build-up of ear wax and foreign materials can cause damage to the sensitive structures of the ear over time and affect your hearing.

Microsuction is the process of removing wax from your ears by using a small suction tube and probe to gently remove any excess wax in the ear.

How does a microsuction appointment work?

Before our professional audiologist performs microsuction, she will use a video otoscope to examine the ear, and you will also be able to see inside your ear before and after the treatment. The otoscope is an instrument inserted into the opening of the ear that shines a light inside and magnifies the image for a more accurate diagnosis. The otoscope examination is to make sure that your symptoms are because of excess earwax build-up or foreign materials rather than other more serious causes.

Once it is determined that earwax build-up is the cause, our audiologist will perform the microsuction using a a small suction tube and probe to gently remove any excess wax in the ear, dislodging and removing the earwax. Discomfort is minimal and the results are immediate.

When microsuction may not be for you

The following are contraindications for microsuction:

  • Perforated eardrums

  • Dizziness

  • Health conditions that weaken the immune system

What to do before the appointment

Use earol to soften the wax for atleast 5 days before the appointment. Earol can be bought at any local pharmacy. Ideally you administer 2 or 3 drops morning and the evening. Your hearing might be reduced due to the oil filling up however please carry on with the routine. It is important that the wax is softened to make the procedure comfortable for you. Please do not use any type of oil if you have a perforated eardrum.


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