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Private Audiologist in Altrincham Cheshire offering comprehensive hearing assessments, tinnitus consultations, custom earplugs, bespoke hearing protection and earwax removal. 

Why should you be seen by a trained professional for earwax removal? 

  1. Safety: Earwax removal can be tricky and attempting to do it yourself can lead to injuries, such as eardrum perforation, ear canal damage, or pushing the wax deeper into the ear canal, which can cause blockages and hearing loss.

  2. Proper Diagnosis: A professional can accurately diagnose whether the symptoms you are experiencing are due to earwax buildup or another underlying condition. Symptoms like ear pain, hearing loss, and tinnitus can sometimes be signs of other ear problems.

  3. Effective Removal: Professionals have the right tools and techniques to remove earwax effectively. They use methods such as irrigation, suction, or manual removal with specialized instruments, which are safer and more effective than over-the-counter solutions or home remedies.

  4. Preventing Complications: Inappropriate or aggressive earwax removal can lead to complications like infections or chronic ear issues. Professionals can minimize these risks by using sterile equipment and proper techniques.

  5. Expert Advice: Professionals can provide guidance on how to manage earwax production and prevent future buildup, as well as advise on safe ear care practices.

  6. Handling Severe Cases: In cases where earwax is particularly hard or impacted, professional intervention is often necessary. Home treatments might be insufficient or could exacerbate the problem.

Overall, seeing a professional ensures that earwax removal is done safely, effectively, and with minimal risk of complications.

At Horace Hearing we specialise in providing comprehensive hearing assessments, custom earplugs, hearing protection and  earwax removals  for clients in Altrincham . If you’re experiencing earache, tinnitus, or any other symptoms that are affecting your  hearing, our expert audiologists are here to help. Whether you’re looking for ear wax removal or the expertise of local hearing aid specialists, contact us by email or phone to get more information or book an appointment for hearing assessments or ear wax removal in Altrincham Manchester.

Which service would you like to book?

Hearing Assessments and Solutions 

Comprehensive hearing assessments, hearing aids tailored to your lifestyle. 

Tinnitus Consulation

Horace hearing will provide a tailored tinnitus management plan.

Hearing Protection 

Custom fit hearing protection to shield the wearer from excessive noise.

Earwax Removal 

Gentle use of different methods to remove earwax. Methods include Microsuction, Irrigation if necessary and use of instruments. 

Hearing aid brands we dispense


What some of our clients had to say..

Charlotte was very welcoming and friendly. She talked me through the procedure . The whole experience was quick efficient and well done. Lovely to hear again! Thanks Charlotte!

                                                                                                                   - Lindy Allery 

I came with an open mind for the Hearing test believing that there was no problem with my hearing, but I was proven wrong after a well executed thorough test carried out by the Audiologist Charlotte Matiba, who explained what each test was trying to detect, then explained the results of the tests that indicated that I do have some hearing loss and how this can be improved~ SB


Altrincham clinic

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 Mansion House, 3 Bridgewater Embankment, Manchester Rd, Cheshire, Altrincham WA14 4RW

Liverpool clinic 


Ghosh Medical Group, Rodney Street Liverpool, L1 9ED

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